Jukebox Radio shows often highlight exhibitions, thematic material, and artworks in your institution. They are also a blast! We are proud to offer multiple options to suit your budget, occasion, and needs. Let’s work together and make an event your audience will talk about and cherish.

Just Mark

This performance highlights music, storytelling, and movement. Join Mark and his guitar for a fun-filled set of sing-a-longs, games, and dancing.

Mark and the Jukebox

This performance features Mark and his guitar; it also incorporates the Jukebox puppet theater, which can feature shadow puppets, projections, music, and animations.

Dance, Chance, and Games

A new collaboration with Grace Hwang, this show inspires participation and emphasizes movement through games and experiments with chance. This show explodes expectations and invites audiences to become the performance.

Full Band

Bring Mark, the Jukebox, guest performers, and a full band to your place to put on a show you’ll never forget. Live music enlivens the activities, projections, and puppets you expect in a Jukebox Radio show.

Creators and Collaborators

Mark Dzula (Ed.D.) and Ardina Greco (Ed.M.) are teachers, artists, and scholars. They also are married to each other, which allows them to spend lots and lots of time together. Whether working for the Museum of Modern Art, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the San Diego Museum of Art, or even Teachers College at Columbia University, Mark and Ardina continually find ways to challenge and inspire each other in theory and in practice. Mark’s research is focused on Communications, Education, and Technology; Ardina focuses on the interactions of Artists, Curators, Educators, and Young Audiences in museum programs. They co-direct Jukebox Radio together. Here, they use shadow puppets, projections, and music in collaboration with museums and cultural institutions to develop Family Day shows and programming to highlight and engage visitors with work on view.

Grace Hwang is an artist and educator with an MS Ed. in Museum Education at Bank Street College of Education in NY and a BA in Sociology and Education at UCLA. Her areas of research and work include collective interpretation, performance, the study of games, alternative education and dance. Often working collaboratively with artists and non-artists of all ages, her work in the form of teaching, performance, exhibition and experience making has been included at Portland Art Museum, (OR), Open Engagement Conference (OR), Southern Exposure (SF), Center for Architecture Foundation (NY), SALT art space (NY), Museum of Modern Art Education Center (NY). She is currently based in Portland as an MFA candidate in the Art and Social Practice Program at Portland State University.

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